The story of the UK TIs Targeted Individuals

Tadeusz Szocik is the most "famous" TI in the UK. He was branded paranoid, although I had seen a TI being attacked with audio harassment already in Greece back in 1984.
Darrim Daoud is the first well known TI, in the TI community, killed at 34, because he was a popular and attractive activist with leader qualities to organize the derelict and dispersed UK TI community.Nobody helps the UK Targeted Individuals. I questioned the UK authorities about their torture on , type my name in their FOI search box: Joanna Iatridou and shows 80 queries so far. I blogged about my 2010 research on TIs in But now it is 2011, Darrim Daoud's inquest is not yet publicized and the UK TIs tend to get incapacitated and "disappear" from the activism and social media scene. I would like to make this a blog with several TI writers and restart meetings with the other TIs. Unless I get vital organ failure and end up crippled like many of the "not seen lately" other UK TIs.

Thursday, 5 May 2011

DEWs Directed Energy Weapons electronic torture, TI looks deterioration


Geral Sosbee is a former FBI under electronic attack (includes DEWs, microchip, implants etc) and here I publish photos that show how his face became puffy and waxy after attack.

Geral Sosbee went from healthy looking at 2000, to haggard looking and premature aging at 2003 (two photos included how he aged and became haggard the first 3 years of electronic attacks, then became puffy and waxy, the photo taken where his body is slim and in a suit BUT his face is bloated, puffy waxy was taken just on the day before he got hospitalized with acute kidney failure caused by non-stop electronic assaults during sleep hours at home (soft-killing).
Finally the photo of 2009 is airbrushed and aesthetic but he still looks he aged 30 years in the space of less than 9 years electronic attacks.
You can read the story of his targeting at his website


  1. The FBI-ID photo is dated 2000 and the photo in dark suit is 2005. Look at the face: DEWs and electronic assaults with microchip transmitters secretly planted, aged the face at least 30 years in 5 years space only. TIs are not ugly and should not feel shame. DEWs are used to damage and disfigure, as Police refrained from stopping psychos to inflict pain, injury and aging,decay of health, Police thinks its fun, when the fact is, it reduces society's respect when Police Officers deny DEWs assaults and don't touch the psychos or seize their weapons. The shame and loss of prestige and honour is with the Police Officers, not the TIs.

  2. For symptoms associated with the directed energy attacks on me see:


  3. Thanks for bringing intelligence back to the web, its been sorely missed. Great stuff. Please keep it coming!

  4. Where is there help for those who are targeted?